Combine Drills


The athletes will execute drills by position. These drills are the same drills used by the NFL at the combine. Each position will have up to 8 tests. Below are just some of the drills.

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Players should begin their preparation for a combine several weeks in advance in order to get the best results. Take these tests just as you would the ACT test. Take it seriously. You should always be aware of what you will be doing at a combine so that you are not caught off guard. Most athletes understand the value of a good combine and performing well at it. Elite Recruit 300 uses only the very best equipment available. Fusion Sport is our choice for timing gear. It’s widely known as the best timing gear on the market.

Day 1 - Measurements, Vertical, Broad Jump, Push Ups, 40 yd, 3 Cone Drill, 5-10-5 (20 yd Pro Shuttle), 60 yd Shuttle, 1v1
Day 2 - Positional Drills, 1v1, 7v7


40 Yard Dash

The 40-yard dash is the event that everyone looks at as THE EVENT at the combine. Speed, speed, speed is the important thing to remember but also remember not having an “elite” time does not disqualify you with schools. This test is all about power and explosion.


Vertical Jump

The Vertical Jump will test an athlete’s lower-body power and explosion. The athlete starts flat-footed, reaches up to his max reach first. Jumps to touch a flag. The difference between the flag and reach are the vertical.


Broad Jump

The Broad Jump tests an athlete’s lower body strength, power, balance and coordination. The athlete begins with feet shoulder width. Athlete explodes off the ground propelling themselves forward. Results are measured by where the back foot heel lands.


3 Cone Drill or “L” Cone drill

The setup begins with 3 cones going to the right and set up in an “L” formation. The drill test's the ability of an athlete to change directions. The athlete begins from the starting line, runs ahead 5 yards to a cone and back. He must touch his hand inside the cone and run back to the start line and touches with his hand inside again then run back toward the first cone touched but this time runs around toward the 3rd cone and figure 8 the cone then sprints back to the start line.


5-10-5 Drill

This is also called the “Short Shuttle” and “20 yard Shuttle” as well. Here your lateral quickness and burst will be tested in a short and compact area. The athlete starts with hand on the ground then bursts forward 5 yards to the right and touch next to the cone then sprint back 10 yards to your left. Your left hand should touch the line, then turn back and sprint 5 yards back past the middle or starting cone. Both skill and linemen should work on their technique for this.


60 Yard Shuttle

4 cones are set up 5 yards apart. The athlete will run to the first line the cone is set on, Turn and sprint back to the starting point. He will then run to the next cone and back to the start. This is done with each cone. This will not only test an athlete with their short and small area burst but their endurance as well.